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Introducing a consummate talent in the world of orchestral conducting –
David André – in video highlights of performances worldwide.




“…David André now offered us his interpretation of the Fifth Symphony of Shostakovich. And in my thinking, the spirited and captivating conductor brought out its psychometric incandescence. Some thought to compare his interpretation with that of Mravinsky...yet any new interpretation is valuable if it comes from a brilliant individual and our guest has it all, we cannot deny. State Philharmonic has many times performed this work, tonight achieving the height of their creative potential.”

Evening Minsk – Minsk, Belarus

“…a coherent and well-integrated musical interpretation; this strength is undoubtedly due to conductor Andre’s preparation and rehearsal techniques.”

Times – Seattle, Washington

“…demonstrated an eloquent personality with great frenzy he got the orchestra to play their best thus succeeding in reaching the level of interpretation he wanted, showing that David André is one of the great conductors of music in the twentieth century.”

Estilo –Guanajuato, Mexico

“The Eugene Symphony Orchestra reached moments of greatness under the leadership of guest conductor David André…The strings never sounded better…under Andre’s leadership, they were in balance…a most satisfying, polished blend of musical tonality.”

Register-Guard – Eugene, Oregon

“David André made the concert an event of unusual excitement…The (Boulder) Philharmonic responded with the finest orchestral performance of the season.”

Daily Camera – Boulder, Colorado

“...warm, vibrant performance...symphony at its best...André draws skillfully rather than forces, the full virtuosity of his musicians’ capabilities.”

Daily News – Port Angeles, Washington

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